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903.4 Community Use of School Buses

Code No. 903.4




Conditions.  The Board of Directors desires to encourage support of its activities and programs and to cooperate with recognized community organizations in making available District buses to such organizations for specified purposes, but also recognizes its obligations to provide transportation to students on a cost-efficient basis.  Therefore, the Board of Directors adopts the following conditions for community use of school buses:

            a.      The use shall in no way interfere with the student educational and activity program of the District.

            b.      The use must be consistent with state law and conforms to and complies with the rules, policies and regulations of the District.

            c.      The activity sponsored for which transportation is necessary must be lawful and must be within the State of Iowa.

            d.      The group or organization must be responsible, and the activity and bus must be supervised by an adequate number of adult sponsors.

            e.      No alcoholic beverages, controlled substances, substance paraphernalia, or look-alike substance may be available, used or consumed on the bus.

            f.       No smoking or tobacco products will be allowed in the bus.

            g.      The group or organization must be located within the District boundaries, must be a tax-supported or tax-exempt organization or an organization created to support District programs (e.g. PTA or booster clubs), and must be providing an activity in support of District students, senior citizens or the disabled.

            h.      A written Application and Agreement for use of a Decorah Community School District Bus must be made in advance through the Superintendent or its designee.

            i.       A District bus driver must operate the bus.

            j.       The charges must be paid in advance, if requested.

            k.      An insurance certificate naming the District as an additional insured with the appropriate limits shall be provided in advance of the activity, if requested.

            l.       The group or organization shall be responsible for paying for any damage or destruction to the school bus.

            m.     The group or organization shall indemnify and hold the District, its officers, employees, and agents harmless from any claims or charges arising from the actions or inactions of the group or organization.

Charges.  The group or organization shall be charged an amount sufficient to reimburse all costs of furnishing the bus and the driver (including the driver's salary and fringe benefits).



Date of Review:  July 16, 2018


Date of Adoption:

   October 8, 2012                      




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