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406.10 Cell Phone Policy

Code No. 406.10


Cell Phone Policy


Certain employees will be provided with cell phone service or a stipend due to the nature of the   position within the District. Employees provided with this benefit may be required to carry a phone for communication during and after normal school hours, for safety and/or operational concerns.

Employees with school supplied cell phone and plan:

The following Decorah Community Staff positions are eligible for a provided cell phone and plan deemed necessary for safety, security, and communication purposes. The District will maintain a group plan for eligible individuals to include basic voice and texting services.  In certain situations, it may be necessary for the person to also have cell data services. Those will be approved on a case-by-case basis by the district Superintendent and Director of Information, Systems and Instructional Technology.

  1. Superintendent.
  2. Building principals.
  3. Associate Principals/AD’s
  4. Director of Information, Systems and Instructional Technology, Director of Operations and Maintenance; Director of Transportation.
  5. Special Education Facilitator, Student and Family Services Facilitator.
  6. Head School Nurse.

The following procedures are specific to those who have a District purchased cell phone and service plan:

Cell phone service provided to an employee is primarily for business use.  Business use is any use in the course of performing specific job-related duties on behalf and for the benefit of the District. Because of the difficulty in separating business from personal calls, it is recognized and permissible for the employee to also use the District cell phone for limited and responsible amount of personal call time.

  • The District has established a cell phone contract with a primary vendor and employees issued cell phones will be covered by this contract agreement.
  • Employees who use a District-issued phone have no expectation of privacy for any activity on the phone including, but not limited to, billing records, text messages sent and received, and phone calls placed and received.
  • Inappropriate use of a District provided cell phone will result in disciplinary action, including possible termination.
  • Phones lost or damaged by the employee will be replaced by the District per the cell phone contract provisions and it will be the responsibility of the employee to reimburse the District for this cost.
    • District cell phones may be upgraded according to contract terms (typically every 2 years). This will be done by contacting the Director of Information, Systems and Instructional Technology.
  •     The District will not reimburse staff member s for personal cell phone plans. If the

employee chooses to have a personal plan, they will need to carry both cell phones or choose a Stipend Reimbursement.

  •     Employees who use a District-issued phone or receive a stipend shall ensure that the phone is properly secured with a passcode, fingerprint identification, or Face ID.

Cell Phone Policy


Employees with Stipend Reimbursement:


The following Decorah Community Staff positions may need a personal cell phone to be accessible to the District and are eligible for a nine-month stipend reimbursement reimbursed twice per year.

Assistant Transportation Director/Mechanic/Bus Driver School Staff Nurse (Second Nurse)

Maintenance Technician Food Service Director

High School Substitute Contact/Caller of Substitutes Elementary Substitute Contact/Caller of Substitutes District Computer Technician

Instructional Technology Facilitator

Individuals may choose any carrier and plan that meets their personal needs. The District will provide a monthly stipend as stated above. The District Technology Staff will not support any non-District devices.

The following procedures apply to all positions:

As a condition of providing this cell phone or stipend, the employee is expected to carry the phone and be responsive to calls concerning District business during and outside of regular business hours.

Employees are prohibited from using a District proved cell phone while operating a motor vehicle.

The cell phone numbers of District provided phones will be made available to District administrative staff for their use.

Employee cell phone use during workday:

Employees should not use District-issued or personal cell phones for personal business while on­duty except in the case of an emergency or during prep time or break/lunch times.



Date of Adoption: October 14, 2019                               Legal References:


Date of Review:  August 9, 2021                                    279.8, Code of Iowa


Date of Revision:  September 13, 2021