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708.5 Transportation in Inclement Weather

Code No. 708.5



School district vehicles will not operate when weather conditions due to fog, rain, snow or other natural elements make it unsafe to do so.  Because weather conditions may vary around the District and may change quickly, decisions will be based on the most recent and accurate information available.

The final judgment as to when conditions are unsafe to operate will be made by the Superintendent.  The Superintendent will be assisted by the Manager of Transportation.

Students, parents/guardians and the community will be notified by commercial radio and/or TV when school is cancelled or temporarily delayed.  It may be possible that on some occasions the entire District may not be affected by the delays, when weather conditions may vary in different locations.  When school is cancelled because of weather any where in the District, all schools will be closed.

When weather conditions deteriorate during the day after school has begun, students will be returned to their designated drop-off points.

When weather conditions create a situation where the driver has less than 300 feet of visibility at a stop, the driver should immediately report the situation by bus radio for instructions.  If a decision is made not to receive the students at the stop, a telephone call shall be made to the parents.  If the students cannot be picked up, it shall then be the parents' decision on whether to send the students to school and the parents' responsibility to transport the students.  If the students cannot be discharged at the stop, the parents shall be informed of where the students shall be discharged; if the parents cannot be reached, the students shall be transported back to the school.  Once vehicles are on the road, the drivers are to use their judgment whether to stop at a particular stop, keeping utmost in mind the safety and well-being of their passengers.

Date of Review:  April 9, 2018


Date of Revision:

   August 13, 2012                    



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