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708.1 Student School Transportation Eligibility and Routes

Code No. 708.1




Eligibility.  The following students are eligible for District-provided transportation to and from school:

  1. Resident students enrolled in District schools in grades kindergarten through eight who reside more than two miles from their attendance centers.
  2. Resident students enrolled in District schools in grades nine through twelve who reside more than three miles from their attendance centers.
  3. Resident students enrolled in District schools who live less than these distances from their attendance centers, if approved by the Superintendent because of safety or other good reasons.  In such cases, the District may charge the parents or guardians the pro rata cost of the transportation.
  4. Resident students enrolled in nonpublic schools on the same distance basis, provided the District may contract with other agencies to provide the transportation.
  5. Resident students assigned to special education classes or other programs outside of the building attendance area in which they reside or whose individualized education programs ("IEP") designate transportation as a related service.  Transportation to and from a special education support service shall be provided if specified in the IEP.
  1. Resident students attending public school in another district contiguous to the Decorah District pursuant to the Open Enrollment Act may be transported to a stop in the other district if the student meets the economic eligibility requirements established by the Department of Education.
  2. Nonresident students attending District schools pursuant to the Open Enrollment Act may be transported to school from a stop within the Decorah District and from school to a stop within the Decorah District or may be picked up or dropped in another district with approval of the other District if it's on a regular route.

Reimbursements.  Parents and guardians may be reimbursed for transportation in amounts set by state law in lieu of District-provided transportation for their children.  For students receiving transportation pursuant to their IEP's, there must be mutual agreement for the reimbursement in lieu of District-provided transportation.

Loading and Unloading Points.  Resident students may be required to load or unload at points of not to exceed three-fourths of a mile from the students' residences.  Buses shall not leave public roads to receive or discharge students except for safety reasons or if the private road is maintained in the same manner as a public road and in accordance with directives established by the Superintendent.

Measurement.  Distances to school or to a bus route shall be measured on the public highway only, starting in the roadway opposite the private entrance to the residence of the student and ending in the roadway opposite the entrance to the school grounds or designated point on the bus route.​

School Vehicle Routes.  It shall be the responsibility of the Manager of Transportation to develop and/or review school vehicle routes annually keeping in mind the safety of the students, the seating capacity of the vehicles, the length of the route, the cost to the District, and other factors as deemed relevant by the Manager of Transportation.  Routes may be adjusted as necessary.  The Manager of Transportation shall also develop emergency school vehicle routes that may be necessary due to weather or other conditions.


Date of Review:  April 9, 2018


Date of Revision:

April 9, 2018



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