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703.09 Travel and Expense Reimbursements

Code No. 703.9



School officials and employees are encouraged to use District vehicles, whenever possible.  They will be reimbursed for authorized use of their personal automobiles at a rate determined by the Board of Directors.  This will not include travel between their homes and their normal work sites.  School employees must make a request each time the personal automobile is to be used or the Superintendent must approve routine reimbursable trips.  The official or employee must file an expense voucher to receive reimbursement, showing the miles driven, the destination and the purpose for the trip.  A monthly expense voucher may be filed by employees authorized to routinely make trips.  School officials and employees shall have personal liability insurance on their vehicles.

School officials and employees may also be reimbursed actual and necessary expenses incurred for attendance at professional meetings, conferences and other activities authorized in advance by the administration or Board of Directors.  An expense voucher shall be submitted to receive reimbursement, with original supporting documentation attached, e.g. registration fees, hotel/motel bills, meals receipts, taxi service, parking bills.  No alcoholic beverages, personal telephone calls, gratuities, or other items for personal use shall be reimbursable.  Air transportation may be paid directly or reimbursed by the District.  If an official or employee drives his/her personal automobile out of state rather than using commercial air transportation, the person shall be reimbursed for mileage and for additional hotel/motel and meals expenses arising because of additional travel time at the lesser of (1) actual expenses or (2) the costs of common carrier transportation (coach class of air travel).

Hotel/motel, meal and other expenses will be reimbursed only for the period of time for attendance at the activity, which may include for the evening of the day of the close of the activity if travel back on that evening is not reasonably available or if there is a savings from a flight the next day.  If an official or employee stays longer for personal reasons, the person will not be reimbursed for personal expenses or for any travel expenses saved the District as the result of the longer stay.

Date of Review:  April 9, 2018


Date of Revision:

June 16, 2003                           



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