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603.6 Religious-Based Exclusion from School Programs

Code No. 603.6



The Board recognizes the existence of various religious beliefs and acknowledges the American tradition of separation of church and state.  Parents who wish to have their children excluded from a school program or unit of study must inform the principal in writing, stating that the objection is based upon religious beliefs, stating specifically which activities or studies violate their religious beliefs and why, and the parents must propose an alternate supervised activity or study.  The administration shall have discretion to make a determination that an alternate activity is appropriate and that the student should be excused.  The factors to be considered include, but are not necessarily limited to, staff and space availability to supervise students, numbers of students to be excluded, appropriateness of the alternate activities, whether allowing the exclusion places the District in the position of supporting a particular religion, whether the program or activity is required for promotion to the next grade level or for graduation, whether the exclusion is disruptive to the education program or other school operations, and whether the exclusion infringes on a compelling state or educational interest.

Exclusion from physical education, physical activity requirements, health, CPR instruction, and human growth and development instruction shall be granted in accordance with law.


Date of Review:  April 9, 2018


Date of Revision:

April 9, 2018                           





Legal References:


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