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507.08 Student Special Health Services


If a student requires special health services to be administered during school hours, licensed health care personnel, in collaboration with the education team, shall determine the special health services to be provided and the qualifications of the individuals to perform the health services.  As a result of this collaboration, a written health plan in accordance with State rules shall be developed.  If the student has an individualized educational plan (IEP) and is receiving special education services, the health plan shall become part of the IEP.  The plan shall be updated as needed at least annually.  There must also be on file the parent's or guardian's authorization to implement the procedure and a written statement by the prescriber detailing the specific method and schedule of the special health service.

Special health services do not include provision of first aid and routine medication administration.  The provision of special services requires ongoing professional health judgment. 

Parents shall provide the equipment, supplies, and necessary maintenance as needed.  Personnel responsible for the equipment shall be designated in the written health plan.


Date of Last Review:  October 14, 2019

Date of Revision:

October 14, 2019                




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