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501.01 Resident Students


All children are entitled to an education in the public schools of Iowa free of payment of tuition from the age of five until their graduation or until they reach the age of 21, for certain children requiring special education.  The right to attend public school free of tuition is limited to the child’s district of residence, pursuant to compliance with the Open Enrollment Act, or as otherwise provided by law.

Resident students are those students who reside within the boundaries of the Decorah Community School District.  Ordinarily, students will be deemed to have the same residence as that of their parents or guardians having legal physical custody.  Consistent with Iowa law, a student may have residency with some other person in the District and attend District schools tuition-free as a resident student as long as the primary purpose of residing in the District is not for the sake of attending school in the District tuition-free.  A student may establish his/her own residency if the student is an emancipated minor.

The Superintendent may require evidence to support a claim of residency.



Date of Last Review:  October 14, 2019

Date of Revision:

October 14, 2019                




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