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500 Students

500       Equal Educational Opportunities

500.1           Objectives for Equal Educational Opportunities for Students

500.2           Equal Educational Opportunities; Prohibition of Harassment and Bullying of Students

500.2                  Exhibit A – Student Discrimination, Harassment or Bullying Complaint Form

500.2                  Exhibit B – Student Discrimination, Harassment or Bullying Witness Statement

500.2                  Exhibit C – Summary of Disposition of Student Discrimination, Harassment or Bullying Complaint

500.2R1      Grievance Procedures for Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act

500.3           Student Complaint Procedures


501       Student Attendance

501.1           Resident Students

501.2           Nonresident Students

501.3           Compulsory Attendance

501.4           Entrance – Admissions

501.5           Student Transfers In

501.6           Student Transfers Out or Withdrawals

501.7           Foreign Exchange Students

501.8           Student Absences – Excused

501.9           Student Absences – Unexcused

501.9R1      Procedures for Unexcused Absences

501.10        Student Release During School Hours

501.11        Open Enrollment

501.12        Homeless Children and Youth

501.13        Fees and Fee Waivers

501.13R1    Student Fee Waiver and Reduction Procedures

501.13R1           Exhibit A – Student Fee Waiver Application


502       Student Rights and Responsibilities

502.1           Student Appearance

502.2           Interviews of Students

502.3           Use of Bicycles and Motor Vehicles

502.4           Student Expression

502.4R1      Regulations and Procedures for Distribution of Nonschool Publications by Students

502.5           Student Lockers

502.6           Student Searches


503       Student Discipline

503.1           Student Conduct

503.1R1      Suspension Procedures

503.2           Expulsions and Long Term Suspensions

503.3           Weapons

503.4           Assaults Against Employees

503.5           Student Conduct on School Vehicles

503.5R1      School Vehicle Rules

503.5R2      Use of Video Cameras on School Vehicles

503.6           Student Eligibility for Extra Curricular Activities:  Code of Conduct

503.7           Initiations


504       Student Activities

504.1           Student Government

504.2           Student Organizations

504.3           Student Publications

504.3R1      Official Student Publications Regulation

504.4           Student Social Events

504.5           Student Performances

504.6           Student Fund-Raising


505       Student Scholastic Achievement

505.1           Student Progress Reports and Conferences

505.2           Student Grade Placement

505.3           Student Honors and Awards

505.4           Assessment Program

505.4                  Exhibit A – Notification of Rights Under the Protection of Pupil Rights

                             Amendment (PPRA)

505.5           Performance Testing for Credit

505.6           Graduation Requirements

505.7           Early Graduation

505.8           Commencement and Diplomas


506       Student Records

506.1           Student Records

506.1                  Exhibit A – Annual Notice

506.1                  Exhibit B – Release of Student Directory Information

506.1                  Exhibit C – Request for Examination of Student Records

506.1                  Exhibit D – Request of Nonparent for Examination or Copies of Student Records

506.1                  Exhibit E – Authorization for Release of Student Records

506.1                  Exhibit F – Request for Correction of Student Records

506.1                  Exhibit G - Reserved

506.1                  Exhibit H - Reserved

506.2           Student Photographs

506.3           Student Library Circulation Records


507       Student Health and Well-Being

507.1           Student Health and Immunization Certificates

507.2           Administration of Medication to Students

507.2                  Exhibit A – Parental Request and Authorization for the Administration of


507.2                  Exhibit B – Record of the Administration of Medication

507.2                  Exhibit C – Authorization-Asthma or Airway Constricting Disease Medication

                             Self-Administration Consent Form

507.3           Reserved

507.3R1      Reserved

507.4           Student Illness or Injury at School

507.5           Emergency Drills

507.6           Student Insurance

507.7           Custody and Parental Rights

507.8           Student Special Health Services

507.8R1      Special Health Services

507.9           Health Screenings

507.10        Investigating Allegations of Abuse of Students by School Personnel

507.10R1    Procedures for Investigating Allegations of Abuse of Students by School Personnel

507.10R1           Exhibit A - Complaint of Injury to or Abuse of a Student by a School Employee

507.10R1           Exhibit B - Report of Level One Investigation

507.11        Student Wellness

                           Appendix A – Nutrition Education and Promotion and Procurement

                           Appendix B – Physical Activity

                           Appendix C – Other School-Based Activities that Promote Student Wellness

                           Appendix D – Nutrition Guidelines for all Foods Available on Campus

                           Appendix E – Plan for Measuring Implementation


508       Miscellaneous Student-Related Matters

508.1           Class or Student Group Gifts

508.2           Open Night

508.3           Student Telephone Calls

508.4           Interscholastic Activities

508.5           Non-School Team Participation

                           Exhibit A – Non-Team Participation Request Form


             The Board of Directors of the Decorah Community School District reviewed all of the policies in Series 500, Students, on the following dates:

                           December 9, 2002

                           March 10, 2008

                           December 14, 2015

                           October 14, 2019

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