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405.2 Communicable Diseases

Code No. 405.2


An employee of the District with a communicable disease shall be allowed to attend to regularly assigned duties as long as the employee is physically able to perform the essential functions of the assignment and as long as the employee's assignment does not create a substantial health or safety risk to others in the District.

Each case shall be evaluated on its own merits. The Superintendent may consult with the employee's personal physician, with the Iowa State Department of Health, with personnel from the United States Public Health Center for Disease Control, and with other appropriate agencies and persons in making decisions regarding an employee's placement. The Superintendent may require an employee to provide medical evidence of fitness to perform the tasks assigned.

Records regarding communicable diseases shall be maintained separately from general personnel files and so as to protect the privacy of the employee. This shall not be construed to prevent appropriate administrative and nursing staff from being informed of which employee has a communicable disease. All records indicating that an employee is infected with a communicable disease shall be maintained in the central administration office.

An employee who is at work and who has a communicable disease which creates a substantial risk to others at the workplace shall report the condition to the Superintendent or nurse.  Employees with communicable diseases may be excluded from school and/or school assignments for the period of time that their conditions endanger the health or safety of others or during such period as they are physically unable to perform assigned tasks.  Employees will not be discharged or otherwise suffer reduction in wages or benefits for actual time worked due to compliance of an employee with an quarantine or isolation order or voluntary confinement request issued by the Department of Health or the CDC.

No person shall be asked or required as a condition of employment to take a test for the presence of the antibody to the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and no person shall have his/her terms, conditions, or privileges of employment affected solely because the employee had such a test.

All employees shall practice hygienic principles designed to protect themselves and others from infection.

Date of Last Review:
August 12, 2019

Date of Revision:
August 12, 2019



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