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403.4 Travel Reimbursement; Use of School Vehicle

Code No. 403.4


The District's mileage reimbursement rate shall be set by the Board annually.  Employees will be reimbursed at this rate for travel which has been approved by the Superintendent.  Employees who must use their personal vehicles to regularly travel between school buildings in the District or between districts under a sharing arrangement in order to fulfill their assigned duties shall be reimbursed at the mileage reimbursement rate for such travel between the buildings or districts.  Each employee requesting to use his/her personal vehicle on school business shall have a valid driver’s license and personal liability insurance.  Employees reimbursed for mileage may not also receive reimbursement for expenses for the same transaction.

Employees may be authorized to use a school vehicle to conduct business for the District or to attend District-related conferences or activities.  The vehicle shall not be used for personal use.  Only the person(s) authorized shall be allowed to drive the vehicle.  The employee shall record the mileage and other pertinent information as requested by the Director of Transportation.  All authorized drivers must have a valid Iowa driver's license with appropriate endorsements, if required by Iowa law, and must be insurable under the District's liability insurance.  No tobacco products shall be used in the vehicles, and no alcoholic beverages or illegal substances shall be placed in the vehicle or consumed in the vehicle.

Date of Last Review:
August 12, 2019


Date of Revision:

September 16, 2013



Legal References:

70A.9, 70A.10, 70A.11, 279.8, Code of Iowa