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402.2 Professional Staff Development

Code No. 402.2


Professional development in the Decorah Community School District is our primary means to strengthen instruction in order to improve student learning.  The importance of a focused, systemic approach to staff learning should be aligned with district goals, priorities, and allocation of resources.


Professional development helps to ensure all teachers provide effective instruction that engages students in becoming creative critical thinkers and problem solvers prepared to succeed in our global community.


Quality learning matters and professional development is essential to maintaining a high-performing district for students and staff.

Professional development in the Decorah Community School District should result in the following:

  1. Improved achievement and learning for all students.
  2. The use of best practices research for improving instruction.
  3. Ongoing professional conversations focused on strengthening teaching and learning through the use of professional learning communities.
  4. Professional development that is tied to the district focus and goals.
  5. An ongoing process of assessing and improving the effectiveness of the professional development system/program.

Date of Last Review:
August 12, 2019

Date of Revision:
August 12, 2019

Legal References:

Iowa Code 279.8, Ch 284, 294; 281 IAC 12.7