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304.2 Building Principals – Functions, Duties

Code No. 304.2


Each building principal, under the supervision of the Superintendent and pursuant to policies of the Board of Directors, shall be responsible for the administration and operation of the attendance center to which the principal is assigned.  The associate building principal in any building shall serve under the supervision of the Superintendent and the building principal.  The principals shall be responsible for the planning, management, operation and evaluation of the educational and extra-curricular programs and ancillary services offered at the attendance center.  Responsibilities shall be enumerated more specifically in job descriptions adopted by the Board, which shall include but need not be limited to:  supervising and coordinating the process and content involved in the delivery of programs and services; handling student attendance, assignment and discipline; maintaining student records; supervising the activity program; conducting employee evaluations; arranging for employee meetings; providing for staff development activities; establishing building schedules; directing the expenditure of building funds; making recommendations to the Superintendent on new or modified programs, budget items, and appointment, assignment, transfer, promotion, discipline and dismissal of personnel assigned to the attendance center; hearing and rendering decisions on complaints and grievances at the building level; and such other duties as assigned by the Superintendent or by the  Board of Directors.

It shall be the responsibility of the building principals and associate building principals to uphold the policies of the Board, to provide a positive, cooperative environment with other personnel in the District, and to share their expertise under the administrative team and management team concept.



Date of Revision:

   June 11, 2012                        



Legal References:


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Date of Review:  December 11, 2017