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204.03 Committees


Code No. 204.3


Appointment.  The Board of Directors shall appoint an advisory committee to assist in assessing, developing, establishing and evaluating educational needs, goals and plans of the District as required by law.  The Board of Directors may appoint other advisory committees to assist in developing, establishing and evaluating educational needs, goals and plans of the District.  The Board of Directors shall establish a projected timeline for completion of the assigned duties.  The chair of a district advisory committee shall be appointed by the Board, or the Board shall specify that the committee shall elect a chair from its membership.  Notice will be given to the public when a citizens' advisory committee is to be formed or when there is a vacancy on a committee.  Any person desiring to serve on a citizens' advisory committee shall make known his or her wishes to the superintendent or to a Board member.  The superintendent shall submit a list of suggested names to the Board for consideration.

Membership.  There shall be no maximum on the number of times an individual may be appointed to an advisory committee or the number of advisory committees an individual may serve on.  However, there shall be an attempt to have a wide range of viewpoints and backgrounds on advisory committees.  Any Board member may attend meetings of committees.

Procedures.  Unless otherwise authorized by federal or state law, meetings of advisory committees directly appointed or authorized by the Board shall be open to the public.  The chair of the committee shall schedule all meetings of the committee, and shall give or designate some one to give notice of the time, date and place and of the tentative agenda of the meetings to all members of the committee, to the superintendent of schools, and to the Board secretary.  The Board secretary shall then give notice in compliance with the open meetings law.  The chair of the committee shall designate one of its members to act as secretary, who shall keep minutes of all meetings showing the date, time and place of all meetings, members present, and items discussed.  A copy of the minutes shall be provided to all members of the committee, to the superintendent of schools and to the Board secretary.  The Board secretary shall be the official custodian of the minutes.  The committee may adopt rules for its conduct of affairs.

Functions.  The functions of advisory committees shall be to study designated matters and to make written recommendations to the administration and to the Board of Directors. The Board retains all final decision-making authority.  Reports of committees shall be circulated in advance through the superintendent's office except where otherwise ordered by the Board of Directors.

Compensation and Expenses.  No member of an advisory committee (other than District employees) shall be compensated for service on the committee.  All expenses, including, but not limited to, expenses for travel, outside consultants, resource materials and printing, to be incurred by a committee must be approved in advance by the superintendent.

Date of Review:  December 11, 2017

Date of Revision:

December 11, 2017                  




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