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203.14 Public Hearings

Code No. 203.12

Rules of Order

Unless otherwise designated, parliamentary procedure shall be determined by Robert's Rules of Order, Revised.  However,

1.         It is not necessary to rise in order to make a motion.

2.         Informal discussion is permitted while a motion is pending.

3.         Motions may be seconded by any member of the Board not making the motion.

4.         The President need not rise while putting questions to a vote.

5.         The President can speak in discussions without rising or leaving the chair and can make and second motions.

6.         Votes can be taken only on motions made and seconded.

7.         If an agenda item is discussed and a majority of the Board members present wishes to have additional information from the public, the Board has the right to ask any person or persons for that information.

8.         The Board members' names will be called randomly for roll call votes.


Date of Revision:

February 9, 2004                      




Legal References:


21.7, 279.8, Code of Iowa                                          






Date of Review:  December 11, 2017