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203.08 Notice of Meetings


Code No. 203.8


Notice of Meetings

Advance notice of the time, date, place and the tentative agenda of each Board meeting shall be given at least twenty-four hours prior to the meeting, unless an emergency exists, or unless the meeting is exempt from the Open Meetings Law. Notice shall be given by notifying the news media who have filed a request for notice and by posting the notice on the announcement bulletin board located in the Central Administration Offices at 510 Winnebago, Decorah, Iowa.  When it is necessary to hold an emergency meeting and it is not possible to give twenty-four hours notice, then as much notice as is reasonably possible shall be given, and the nature of the reason for failure to give twenty-four hours notice shall be stated in the minutes.

Formally constituted subunits of the Board of Directors may conduct a meeting without notice during a lawful meeting of the Board of Directors, a recess in that meeting, or immediately following that meeting, if the meeting of the subunit is publicly announced at the Board meeting and the subject of the meeting reasonably coincides with the subject discussed or acted upon by the Board of Directors.


Date of Revision:

December 11, 2017                  



Legal References:


Chapter 21, Code of Iowa, 279.1- 279.2                        







Date of Review:  December 11, 2017