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202.6 Treasurer


Code No. 202.6


The Decorah Community School District has designated the Treasurer as Director of Business Services.  The salary of the Treasurer/Director of Business Services shall be set by the Board.

The Board of Directors shall appoint a Treasurer at a regular or special meeting of the Board held prior to July in each year.  The Treasurer shall be appointed for a term of one year or until earlier removed.  The Treasurer may not be a member of the Board or a teacher in the District but may be another employee of the District.

The Treasurer must qualify by taking oath of office and posting bond within l0 days of appointment.  The bond shall be in such form and amount as determined by the Board.

The major duties of the Treasurer include:

  • Keeping an accurate and separate account of each school fund.
  • Making and filing with the Board monthly financial statements showing receipts, disbursements, and the remaining balance in each school fund.
  • Stamping warrants not paid for want of funds, keeping a record of warrants so issued, and calling for payment when funds are available.
  • Receiving all monies belonging to the District.
  • Depositing school funds in financial institutions designated by the Board as official depositories.
  • Furnishing to the Board a sworn statement of each depository showing balances as of June 30th.
  • Completing and maintaining a record of invested funds and of interest earned thereon.
  • Mailing itemized statements to the Treasurer of debtor districts.
  • Preparing an annual financial report.
  • Redeeming bonds when funds on hand are sufficient.
  • Assisting the Superintendent with the development of the budget and of long-range financial planning.
  • Establishing rules and regulations for purchasing and requisitioning for the District.
  • Supervising data processing procedures to provide management information.





Code No. 202.6


  • Being responsible for data on the financial operations of the District which would serve in helping the Board and the administration in making decisions consistent with the budget.
  • Insuring that proper accounting and investment procedures are followed.
  • Serving as a consultant on any grant proposal originating in the District.
  • Assisting in preparation of specifications for items on which competitive bidding is done, and advising the Board as to the awarding of contracts.
  • Reviewing and recommending for approval the requirements for and maintenance of an insurance program for the District through consultation with the Superintendent.
  • Developing a line item budget for the District.
  • Attending all Board meetings to answer financial questions.
  • Assisting with negotiations by providing financial information.
  • Performing such other duties from time to time as may be required by the Board, the Superintendent, or by law.


Date of Revision:

December 11, 2017                  




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Date of Review:  December 11, 2017