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202.5 Secretary

Code 202.5


The Board of Directors shall appoint a Secretary at a regular or special meeting of the Board held prior to July in each year. The Secretary shall be appointed for a term of one year or until earlier removed. The Secretary may not be a member of the Board or a teacher in the District but may be another employee of the District.

The Secretary must qualify by taking oath of office and posting bond within 10 days of appointment. The bond shall be in such form and amount as determined by the Board.

The major duties of the Secretary include:

·       Filing and preserving copies of all reports made and all papers transmitted pertaining to the business of the District. The Secretary shall be the custodian of public records.

·       Keeping complete minutes of all Board meetings and keeping records of all elections; assisting in preparing Board agendas.

·       Causing publications to be made of Board proceedings and other notices, as required by law.

·       Keeping an accurate and separate account of each school fund.

·       Keeping and publishing an accurate account of all bills and presenting them to the Board for audit and approval for payment.

·       Drawing warrants for claims allowed by the Board; countersigning and keeping a record of all warrants showing the fund upon which the warrant is drawn, the date, name of payee, purpose and the amount.

·       Receiving all monies belonging to the District.

·       Depositing school funds in financial institutions designated by the Board as official depositories and filing with the County Treasurer and the Treasurer of the State a list of such depositories with any changes authorized by the Board.

·       Completing and maintaining a record of invested funds and of interest earned thereon.

·       Filing reports and other information with the Area Education Agency and/or the State Department of Education.

·       Reporting to the Department of Education, the county auditor, and the county treasurer the names and addresses of the President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer of the Board as soon as practical after each such officer has qualified.

·       Requesting reports from accredited nonpublic schools.

·       Preparing yearly reports on all resident children of compulsory attendance age as required by law.

·       Receiving enrollment requests and reports and reporting any violation of the truancy law.

  • Keeping bond registration records.

·       Receiving nomination papers and filing them with the county commissioner of elections.

·       Preparing an annual financial report.

·       Supervising the payroll and the items withheld for taxes and other approved reasons.

·       Preparing and mailing or delivering and receiving notices to and from teachers, administrators, or other employees relating to termination of contracts.

·       Performing such other duties from time to time as may be required by the Board, the Superintendent, or by law.











Date of Review:  December 11, 2017


Date of Revision:

February 9, 2004                      





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