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202.2 General Powers and Duties


Code No. 202.2

General Powers and Duties

The Board of Directors shall establish policies for its own government and that of the directors, officers, employees and pupils, and for the care of the schoolhouses, grounds and property of the School District, and shall aid in the enforcement of these policies and rules promulgated thereunder. 

The Board of Directors shall determine the number of buildings to be used. 

The Board of Directors shall carry into effect any instruction from an election upon matters within the control of the voters. 

The Board of Directors shall enter into all necessary contracts for exercising powers granted and for performing duties required by law.  The Board of Directors may delegate to the superintendent or to the superintendent’s designee authority to enter into certain types of contracts on behalf of the District.  Only those contracts approved by the Board of Directors or entered into by the superintendent or the superintendent’s designee pursuant to delegated authority shall be valid and binding upon the District.

It is recognized that the Board of Directors has three major roles: 

            Legislative - The Board of Directors represents the people of the District as a whole and will function as a policy-making body. 

            Executive - The Board of Directors selects the superintendent of schools as the District's chief executive officer and delegates to the superintendent the authority for formulating and overseeing rules, regulations, plans and administrative details, necessary to ensure that the policies of the Board and legal requirements are carried out in the daily operation of the schools. 

            Evaluation - The Board of Directors, through careful study and consideration of facts and conditions, determines whether the schools are operated efficiently and effectively based upon a sound philosophy of education and upon identified goals.  The Board of Directors reviews the educational program and ancillary services periodically. 


Date of Review:  December 11, 2017


Date of Revision:

December 11, 2017                  




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