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201.6 Board Vacancies


Code No. 201.6

Board Vacancies

Vacancies occurring among the members of the Board may be filled by the Board by appointment pursuant to law.  A person so appointed to fill a vacancy shall hold office until a successor is elected and qualified at the next school election.  Any person appointed shall qualify within ten (10) days thereafter.

The Secretary of the Board shall call a special election in the District to fill a vacancy on the Board not filled within thirty (30) days after the occurrence thereof, or when the Board is reduced below a quorum for any cause.

A vacancy will exist if there is a failure to elect at a proper election, if there is a failure to appoint within the time fixed by law, if there is a failure of a director to qualify within the time prescribed by law, if a director ceases for any reason to be a resident of the District or of a director district, if there is a resignation or upon the death of a director, if a director is removed from office, or if a director is convicted of a felony or of any public offense involving a violation of the oath of office.

If the office of President becomes vacant, the Vice–President shall become President, and the Board shall elect a new Vice-President for the remainder of the one-year term.

Date of Revision:

December 11, 2017                  





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Date of Review:  December 11, 2017