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707.4R1 Food Service Program and Procedures 2016-2017 School Year

Code No. 707.4R1


Decorah Community School District
Food Service Program and Procedures

2016-2017 School Year

The Decorah Community School Food Service Department is a self-operating program.  The district provides a breakfast and lunch Food Service Program for students to support healthy lifestyles and a balanced diet in accordance with law.


School Lunch Information



Special Milk Program

(milk is provided with each breakfast and




PreK and ECSE Students



$22.50 per semester

Transitional Kindergarten to 4th Grade



$25.00 per semester

5th Grade to 8th Grade




9th Grade to 12th Grade








Extra Main Dish





The school district offers breakfast and lunches to all students within the district.  As a student’s meal account balance approaches zero or becomes negative, the follow procedures will apply:

Students may charge any combination of meals up to a negative account balance of $30.00.  When the negative $30.00 charge limit is reached, the school district will notify parents/guardians.  Students will not be allowed to charge a breakfast or lunch until the account has a positive balance.  Parents/guardians of students with accounts in arrears will be asked to send a meal from home or an alternate meal with milk may be given to the student, until the account is paid in full or a payment schedule is arranged with the school and adhered to by the parents/guardians.

A la Carte:  A la Carte items may be purchased only if the student meal account has a positive balance.  If the account is negative, the student must bring cash to purchase a la carte items.  Extra main is considered an a la carte item and is not allowed to be charged if the account is negative

Milk:  If the student would like additional milk or milk for a sack lunch, the cost is $.30.  This is considered an A la Carte item.

Special Milk Program:  Students in Preschool though 4th grade will have a snack milk break.  Milk costs for these breaks are $22.50 per semester for Preschool and $25.00 per semester for Kindergarten through 4th Grade.  If a student will not participate in the milk break, please let the teacher know.  Snack milk is not part of the free and reduced meal program.

Free and Reduced Application:   Free and reduced price breakfast/lunch applications are available in each school office.  Applications are valid for one school year, and must be renewed each year.  If a student qualified last school year, the parents/guardians have 30 school days from the start of the next school year to reapply or the student will be put back to full-priced meals.  If a student does not qualify now, but becomes eligible sometime during the school year, an application can be

submitted at that time.  Questions regarding the free and reduced price meal program should be directed to the Food Service Administrative Assistant at the Central Administration Office at (563) 382-4208.

*If the student qualifies for free or reduced price meals, the cost of the breakfast/lunch is adjusted according to the Federal guidelines.


Date of Review:  April 9, 2018


Date of Adoption:                                                       Legal References:


June 20, 2016                                                              42 U.S.C. 1758, as amended by Section 204

                                                                                    of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010,

                                                                                    P.L. 111-296; 281 Iowa Administrative Code 58