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902.4 Visitors

Code No. 902.4


The Board of Directors welcomes and invites parents and community members to visit the schools of the District.  However, since school is a place of work and learning, certain limitations and rules must be set.  The building principal and Superintendent are responsible for the decorum of all persons in the buildings and on the grounds and may set rules and regulations for the proper decorum and behavior of visitors, which shall include at a minimum:

                 (1)       All visitors must report to the administrative office upon arrival.  Notices to this effect shall be posted at all buildings.  Visitors shall be required to identify themselves.  Visitors attending community meetings or public performances shall go to the designated location.  ("Visitors" shall include all persons who are not enrolled students, regular staff members, student teachers, or substitute employees.)

                 (2)       All visitors must have approval to be in a designated area.

                 (3)       Persons who wish to observe a class in progress must arrange such visits in advance with the classroom teacher and must check in at the principal's office.  The visitor shall not disrupt or interfere with the classroom.  Individual concerns must be discussed when the students are not present in the classroom.

Visitors are subject to the District’s policy on Public Conduct on School Premises, Code No. 902.6.


Date of Review:  July 16, 2018


Date of Revision:

   December 10, 2007               



Legal References:


279.8, 279.66, 716.7, Code of Iowa