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901.4 Release of District Information

Code No. 901.4



The Board Secretary shall act as custodian of public records of the District and shall be responsible for implementing the requirements of the Iowa public records law.

Records shall be open for public examination, except that records required or authorized to be kept confidential by law shall not be made available for public examination.  District officials may seek a written opinion of counsel as to whether a record is a public or confidential record prior to releasing the document.

Pursuant to Iowa law, the Board of Directors has determined that the following types of records shall remain confidential and shall not be released to the public in order not to jeopardize the safety of District students, employees, and visitors of District property:  security procedures, emergency preparedness procedures, evacuation procedures, security codes and passwords, rescue procedures, procedures for bomb or other catastrophic threats, and tests and evaluations of such procedures.

Persons wishing to examine public records shall contact the Board Secretary and make arrangements.  The Board Secretary shall make arrangements as soon as reasonably practicable, giving consideration to the number of documents that are requested, the ease of retrieval, and other necessary work to be accomplished.  Public records may be examined during hours in which the business office is open, which shall typically be from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Mondays-Fridays, exclusive of designated holidays.  No person shall destroy, disorganize, alter, or damage any record or remove the record from the building.  Any person may obtain a copy of the record.  A schedule of fees for the costs of supervising the examination and for copying records shall be established.

The District is not required to create any records or documents pursuant to the Iowa public records law or this policy.  The District shall notify the person making a request when information must be abstracted from public records in order to create a record.  The District official or employee may agree to perform this service pursuant to a schedule of established fees.


Date of Review:  July 16, 2018

Date of Revision:

   October 8, 2012                     



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