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803.1 Disposal of School Sites and Buildings


Code No. 803.1

Disposal of School Sites and Buildings

The Superintendent of Schools shall recommend to the Board of Directors the sale or other disposal of school sites and buildings when it is judged that a site or building is no longer necessary for the operation of the educational program.  The Board of Directors shall set the terms for the sale or disposal of the site or building.  The Board shall determine whether to advertise for bids prior to selling real property.

If the Board desires to sell, lease for more than one year, or otherwise dispose of real property, the Board shall pass a resolution outlining the proposed disposition and shall publish notice of and hold a public hearing on the disposal of the property prior to any final Board action.  However, no public hearing is required for the lease of a portion of an existing school building or for disposal of a student-constructed building and the property on which it is located.  Proceeds from the sale or disposition of a student – constructed building shall be placed in the District’s student construction fund.  Moneys remaining in the student construction fund after the Board discontinues the student construction program shall first be used to reimburse the fund or funds from which the student construction program’s start-up costs were paid.  Remaining moneys after reimbursement shall be transferred by Board resolutions to the general fund.

The Secretary of the Board shall credit the proceeds from the sale of District real property to the fund which was used to account for the acquisition of the property.  If the fund for acquisition is unknown or the fund no longer exists in the District then the proceeds from the sale shall be credited to the physical plant and equipment levy fund.  The proceeds from the lease of real property for more than a year shall be credited to the general fund.

Date of Review:  July 16, 2018

Date of Revision:

August 11, 2014                       




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