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703.14 Expenditures for Public Purposes

Code No. 703.14


The Board of Directors recognizes and supports the principle that District funds are to be expended only for legitimate public purposes and not for private personal gain for which services of comparable value have not been rendered to the District.  The Board of Directors, therefore, believes it is important to designate those expenditures for officers, directors, employees, contractors and volunteers, which are in addition to salaries and benefits authorized and/or specified in Series 400 and legitimate expense reimbursements which serve a legitimate public purpose.

The Board of Directors authorizes the expenditure of District funds for District officers, directors, employees, contractors and volunteers for the following purposes, as these are commonly-granted benefits which aid in recruitment of personnel, promote improvement of staff morale and cooperation, and assist in building a commitment to the District, thus assisting in creating a more productive learning environment:

  • Recognition for employees for every five years of service to the District, with items not to exceed $50.00 each in cost to the District.
  • A plaque or comparable recognition item upon the retirement or end of service of an employee or official, with the plaque or recognition item not to exceed $50.00 in cost to the District.
  • Staff appreciation functions which Board members and employees and spouses attend, not to exceed two such functions per school year, to recognize employee contributions and to promote communication between Board members, administrators, and other staff members, with the cost of the function to the District not to exceed $20.00 per attendee.
  • Meals for licensed interviewees (and if the interviewee is an administrative candidate, the interviewee's spouse) and District employees accompanying the interviewee at the time of an interview not to exceed $20.00 per attendee.
  • Meals for newly-hired employees and other District employees accompanying them not to exceed one time per school year to promote understanding of District and community processes, with the cost of the meal not to exceed $20.00 per attendee.
  • Meals on-site during staff-development (inservice) meetings, with the costs of the meals to the District not to exceed $10.00 per attendee.  This is to promote a more efficient day so that staff members do not leave the premises.
  • Meals may also be served to Board members and officers, the administrators, and other school personnel required to be present at Board meetings if the meetings are called prior to 6:30 p.m., or if they go unusually long, in order to enable the Board to continue with business without interruption, with the cost to the District not to exceed $10.00 per attendee.
  • Meals may also be provided to District officials and employees and consultants if the provision of meals facilitate working time not to exceed $20.00 per attendee.


The Board of Directors also authorizes the expenditure of District funds for coffee and soft drinks in the school buildings.  Coffee, soft drinks, and light refreshments, such as cookies or pastries, may also be made available to the public at Board and committee meetings to promote a welcoming environment and as a common courtesy for individuals who travel to the District building for attendance at District meetings and conferences.

No District funds will be used to pay the cost of any alcoholic beverage and no alcoholic beverage will be available on school grounds.

Date of Review:  April 9, 2018


Date of Adoption:

   August 13, 2012                    



Legal References:


Iowa Constitution Article III, Section 31; 279.8, Code of Iowa