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703.03 Purchase Orders

Code No. 703.3


Goods to be purchased by District personnel or by students, except those purchased pursuant to a valid written contract, shall be procured only after the issuance of a purchase order, unless the purchase is for goods costing less than $100 to be purchased within District boundaries, in which case a requisition form may be used.  Purchase orders shall be signed as follows:

  1. Either the Food Service Director or Director of Business Services may sign purchase orders for food and supplies (not equipment) for the District's meal program.  Only one signature is required.
  2. The business office shall sign purchase orders for custodial and maintenance goods, supplies and equipment.  Only one signature is required.
  3. The building principal may sign purchase orders for expenditures from the student activity fund.  Only one signature is required.
  4. All other purchases shall have purchase orders signed by the business office (one signature), and if for a building, also by the building principal (two signatures).

Date of Review:  April 9, 2018


Date of Revision:

August 13, 2007                       



Legal References:


279.8, Code of Iowa