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702.4 Student Activity Funds

Code No. 702.4



Funds from student activities and from fundraising for activities raised by students shall be classified as District funds and shall be properly held and accounted for by the Director of Business Services.  An audit of these accounts shall be made at the same time as the annual audit.

Expenditures from student activity funds shall be approved by the Director of Business Services.  Sponsors of student activities shall also maintain a record of student activities and expenditures.

Funds remaining in the senior class activity account after graduation or other unencumbered funds from activities that are discontinued shall be transferred to such accounts as designated by the Superintendent.

Gate and concession receipts from student activities shall be deposited whenever possible on the same day of the event.  When this is not possible, receipts shall be kept in a locked vault and deposited in a timely manner.  The Superintendent shall be responsible for designating the individual(s) who shall be in charge of collecting, counting and depositing receipts.


Date of Review:  April 9, 2018


Date of Revision:


August 13, 2012                       



Legal References:


11.6, 279.8, 280.l4, 298A.8, Code of Iowa; 281 I.A.C. 12.6