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507.11 Exhibit E - Plan for Measuring Implementation

Code No. 507.11

Appendix E





When monitoring implementation, school buildings will be evaluated individually with reports prepared for each building and the School District as a whole for review by the School Board.  The superintendent will ensure compliance with established school district-wide nutrition and physical activity wellness policies.


In each school:


the principal will ensure compliance with those policies in the school and will report on the school’s compliance to the superintendent; and,


food service staff, at the school or School District level, will ensure compliance with nutrition policies within food service areas and will report on this matter to the superintendent or principal.


In the School District:


the superintendent will develop a summary report every three (3) years on school district-wide compliance with the School District’s established nutrition and physical activity wellness policies, based on input from schools within the School District; and,


the report will be provided to the School Board and also distributed to all school wellness committees, parent/teacher organizations, principals and health services personnel in the School District.


Specific wellness goals will be evaluated on a yearly basis by the wellness team.  The team will report annually to the board and community regarding the content and effectiveness of the wellness policy and recommend updates if needed.


Policy Review


To help with the initial development of the School District’s wellness policies, each school in the School District will conduct a baseline assessment of the school’s existing nutrition and physical activity environments and practices.  The results of those school-by-school assessments will be compiled at the School District level to identify and prioritize needs. 


The School District will periodically measure and make available to the public an assessment on the implementation of the School District’s wellness policy, including the extent to which schools in the District are in compliance with the policy, the extent to which the policy compares to model local school wellness policies, and the program made in attaining the goals of the policy.


Assessments will be repeated at least every three (3) years to help review policy compliance, assess progress and determine areas in need of improvement.  As part of that review, the School District will review the nutrition and physical activity policies and practices and the provision of an environment that supports health eating and physical activity.  The School District will revise the wellness policies and develop work plans to facilitate their implementation.


Date of Review: January 15, 2018


Date of Revision: August 13, 2018