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503.5R2 Use of Video Cameras

Code No. 503.5R2


The Board supports the use of video cameras in school buildings and on school vehicles (including school buses) as a means to monitor and maintain a safe environment for students and employees.  The video cameras may be used on vehicles used for transportation to and from school, field trips, curricular events and co-curricular events.  Video cameras shall not be placed in any of the school buildings where students have expectations of bodily privacy, such as restrooms and locker rooms.  The contents of the videotapes may be used as evidence in a student or employee disciplinary proceeding.

Videotapes may be maintained by a school resource officer or other employee designated to serve as the school’s law enforcement unit, who shall serve as a law enforcement liaison.  The law enforcement liaison may share or release videotapes with parents of students whose images are on the video or with other law enforcement agencies as appropriate. 

The contents of videotapes maintained by other school personnel and/or when used by school officials for disciplinary reasons are student records subject to Board policy and administrative regulations regarding confidential student records.  Only those persons permitted by such policy and regulation or other applicable law may view the video tapes, such as persons with a legitimate educational interest or purpose.  In most instances, those individuals with a legitimate educational purpose may be the superintendent, building principal, director of transportation, driver and special education staffing team.  A videotape recorded during a school-sponsored trip, such as an athletic event, may be accessible to the sponsor or coach of the activity.  Contents of videotapes may be treated like other evidence in any disciplinary or other proceeding.

Determination of how video cameras will be used and which school buildings and vehicles will be equipped with video equipment will be made by the Superintendent or his/her designee.




Date of Revision:   October 10, 2011