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503.5R1 School Vehicle Rules


The purpose of the following regulations governing the behavior of students who ride school vehicles is for the safety of everyone.  Video cameras may be in operation on the school vehicles.

Rules to be observed by all students riding school vehicles:

  1. Students riding school vehicles should be waiting for the school vehicle when it comes to a stop.  When the drivers are behind schedule, the school vehicle will not wait for students who are not at the pickup point.  It is the responsibility of the students to be aware of their pick-up times, so that the students will not miss the school vehicle and so that other students will not need to wait because of late students.
  2. When a student will not be riding the school vehicle on a given day, the student or the student's parents should call the Director of Transportation (563-382-4165) who will inform the driver not to stop.
  3. Students shall board and depart the school vehicle only after it has come to a complete stop.  Students must board the vehicle in an orderly manner and find a seat at once.
  4. Students who must board the vehicle from the opposite side of the road must wait for the vehicle to come to a complete stop and for the driver to motion the students across the road.
  5. Students who must cross the road when leaving the school vehicle must wait at the side of the vehicle for the driver's signal to cross.
  6. The vehicle shall be kept neat and clean.  The aisles of the vehicle must be open and free of objects.  Any large objects should be stored under the seat.  Students cannot get off the vehicle quickly in case of an emergency if they are stumbling over objects in the way.
  7. The emergency door shall remain closed at all times except in an emergency such as an accident, tornado, fire, or the vehicle is stalled in a dangerous area.  In such an emergency, students must remain claim and very QUIET so that they may hear the instructions of the driver.
  8. Students may not engage in any conduct that could distract the driver from driving.  Distractions include: moving from seat to seat, yelling or leaning out the window, making too much noise, fighting, throwing objects, or talking to the driver.  If it becomes necessary to talk to the driver, make sure it is important, and wait until the vehicle makes a stop.  Of course, "hello," "good-bye," "thanks," and "have a nice day," are always welcome comments when getting on or off the vehicle.
  9. Students who damage or deface any part of the school vehicle will be held liable for its repair or replacement and may be denied the privilege of riding the school vehicle.
  10. Students who fail to act in an orderly manner, who fail to follow written or verbal instructions of the driver, who create any disturbance in or near the vehicle, or who otherwise violate these rules shall be disciplined as follows:
    1. First Offense:  The principal shall notify the student's parents of the behavior.
    2. Second Offense:  The student's parents will be contacted and will confer with the Transportation Director and/or the principal.



  1. Third or Further Offenses:  The student may be suspended from riding the school vehicle by the principal for a set number of days.
  2. Severe Clause:  Fighting, using profane language, carrying a weapon on board the school vehicle, or other serious misconduct may result in a suspension from the vehicle even as a first offense, and may result in loss of riding privileges for the balance of the school year.

The procedures of Code No. 503.1R1 shall apply to vehicle suspensions of ten (10) consecutive school days or less.  The procedures of Code No. 503.2 shall apply to vehicle suspensions of more than ten (10) consecutive school days. 


Date of Last Review:  October 14, 2019

Date of Revision:

July 15, 2013