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503.3 Weapons

Code No. 503.3


The Decorah Community School District will not permit or tolerate the possession, display, or use of weapons and/or other dangerous objects by any person on school premises or vehicles, while the person is participating in or attending District events and activities, or while the person is away from school grounds if such conduct directly affects the good order and management of the District.  Students who violate this policy may be subject to expulsion and/or other disciplinary action.  Weapons shall be taken from students and others who bring them onto school premises, vehicles or to school activities.  Violations of this policy will be reported to law enforcement agencies as required by law.  Weapons under the control of law enforcement officials shall be exempt from this policy.  The principal may allow authorized persons to display weapons for educational purposes on a limited basis and may allow the Iowa National Guard, United States reserve forces or training corps to perform honor guard services on school grounds.

Any object which could be used to injure another person and which has no school-related purpose will be considered a weapon.  An object which has a school-related purpose but which is used to threaten or inflict injury will also be considered a weapon.  Weapons include, but are not limited to, knives of all types, guns, firearms, BB guns, metal pipes, chains, metal knuckles, fireworks, explosives or other chemicals, and simulated or “look alike” weapons, including toys.  The item need not be illegal to possess under the criminal law to constitute a “weapon” under this policy.

Students may be subject to expulsion for at least one calendar year for violating this policy.  The administration or Board may impose a lesser sanction if in their judgment all of the circumstances surrounding the incident warrant a less severe sanction.



Date of Last Review:  June 2013

Date of Revision:

   March 10, 2008                   







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