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502.3 Use of Bicycles and Motor Vehicles

Code No. 502.3




The Board recognizes the convenience to families and students of having students ride bicycles or drive motor vehicles to and from school and parking at the school attendance centers.  Riding a bicycle and driving a motor vehicle to and from school and parking at the student's attendance center is a privilege.

Students may not loiter around nor be in their vehicles nor leave the school grounds in their vehicles during the school day without permission from the principal or its designee.

Students who wish to ride bicycles or drive to school and park at their school attendance center or a shared District’s attendance center for the purpose of attending extra-curricular activities shall comply with the rules and regulations established by the principal of their attendance center or by the District.  The Board may also contract with the City or County to enforce rules made pursuant to this policy.  Failure to comply with the rules shall be reason for suspension or revocation of school driving and parking privileges as well as other disciplinary action.

The Superintendent is authorized to complete the affidavit of necessity for a minor to obtain a school motor vehicle license.  The Superintendent, the Board members, and the District are not responsible for the actions or omissions of the minor which pertain to the use of the license or the operation of motor vehicles.



Date of Last Review:  October 14, 2019

Date of Revision:

August 11, 2014                       



Legal References:


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