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502.1 Student Appearance

Code No. 502.1



Students shall be clean and shall wear clothes appropriate for the time, place, and purpose intended.  Students shall not wear clothing or jewelry or carry any personal belonging which materially and substantially interferes with the good order, safety, health or positive educational environment of the school.  This includes but is not limited to items which contain lewd or profane depictions or words, or gang-related or other apparel which expresses violence, bigotry, hate or abuse.

The Decorah Community School District has adopted curriculum to educate students about the dangers of tobacco, alcohol and drugs and has adopted disciplinary standards banning the possession, use and distribution of tobacco, alcohol and drugs.  The District has also implemented a student assistance program to provide positive interventions for students who may be affected by abuse of tobacco, alcohol or drugs.

The Decorah Community School District has taken measures to provide a safe learning environment for students, and has specifically banned knives, guns, weapons and “look-alikes” of knives, guns and weapons on school premises and at school activities.

In furtherance of these programs and standards, the District prohibits students from wearing any article of clothing or jewelry or carrying any personal belonging which contains words, insignia, logos, caricatures, or other symbols which portray or advertise any product or service not permitted to minors by law or which portray a knife, gun or weapon.  This shall apply both to students who are minors and to students no longer minors.  Such prohibited material includes, but is not limited to, buttons, badges, shirts, notebooks, book bags, and gym bags.  This policy specifically prohibits any advertisement of alcohol, beer, tobacco products, or drugs.



Date of Last Review:  June 2013

Date of Revision:

July 15, 2013                          



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