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501.08 Student Absences – Excused


Regular attendance by the students at school is essential for students to obtain the maximum opportunities from the educational program, to develop habits of punctuality, self-discipline and responsibility, and to assist in minimizing disruptions to the educational environment. 

The Board of Directors requires attendance of all regularly enrolled students for the entire time when schools are in session during the regular school year, which shall be at least 180 days or 1080 hours each school year, as permitted by law and as determined by the District, provided that students may be excused from attendance pursuant to policies and rules of the Board and the administration.

Excused student absences are those approved by the principal of the attendance center.  All work missed due to an excused absence shall be made up with full credit.  It shall be the responsibility of the student to initiate a procedure with the student's teacher to complete the work missed.

Students who wish to participate in school-sponsored activities must attend school the half day prior to the activity unless special permission has been given by the principal.

It shall be the responsibility of the parent to notify the student's attendance center as soon as the parent knows the student will not be attending school on that day.  The principal may request evidence or written verification of the student's reason for absence.


Date of Last Review:  October 14, 2019

Date of Revision:

October 14, 2019                   




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