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400 Personnel

Series 400

400   Principles of Employment
         400.1      Statement of Guiding Principles
         400.2      Definitions
         400.3      Equal Employment Opportunity and Prohibition of
         400.3R1  Equal Employment Opportunity and Prohibition of
                            Harassment Procedures
         400.3R1  Exhibit A – Discrimination/Harassment Complaint Form
         400.3R1  Exhibit B – Discrimination/Harassment Witness Statement
         400.3R1  Exhibit C – Summary of Disposition of Discrimination or
                            Harassment Complaint
         400.4       Employee Complaint Procedures

401   Selection and Employment of Personnel
        401.1      Recruitment of Personnel
        401.2      Qualifications
        401.3      Licensure and Transcripts
        401.4      Individual Contracts
        401.5      Employee Probationary Status
        401.6      Resignations
        401.7      Reserved.
        401.8      Discipline and Discharge

402   Job Assignments and Evaluations
       402.1      Orientation
       402.2      Professional Staff Development
       402.3      Assignments and Transfers
       402.4      Evaluations
       402.5      Personnel Files; Release of Information

403   Compensation and Employment
        403.1      Compensation and Salary Basis
        403.2      Group Insurance Benefits
        403.3      Annuities
        403.4      Travel Reimbursement; Use of School Vehicle
        403.5      Activity Passes

404   Work Hours and Leaves of Absence
         404.1      Work Day and Work Year
         404.2      Holidays and Other Leave Days
         404.3      Vacations
         404.4      Personal Leaves of Absence
         404.5      Personal Illness and Family Illness Leaves of Absence
         404.6      Extended Disability Leaves of Absence/Family
                           and Medical Leave
         404.6R1  Family and Medical Leave Regulations
         404.6R1        Exhibit A – Rights Under the FMLA Posting
         404.6R1        Exhibit B – U.S. Department of Labor FMLA Fact Sheet
         404.6R1        Exhibit C – Family and Medial Leave Request Form
         404.6R1        Exhibit D – Employer Response to Employee Request
                                  for Family and Medical Leave
         404.6R1        Exhibit E – Certification of Health Care Provider for
                                   Employee’s Serious Health Condition
         404.6R1        Exhibit F – Certification of Health Care Provider for
                                 Family Member’s Serious Health Condition
         404.6R1        Exhibit G – Certification for Serious Injury or Illness of
                                 Covered Servicemember for Military Family Leave
         404.6R1        Exhibit H – Certification of Qualifying Exigency for
                                 Military Family Leave
         404.7      Bereavement Leaves of Absence
         404.8      Professional Leaves of Absence
         404.9      Military Service Leaves of Absence
         404.10    Jury Duty and Legal Leaves of Absence
         404.11    Political Leaves of Absence
         404.12    Unpaid Leaves of Absence

405   Employee Health and Safety
         405.1      Health Examinations
         405.1           Exhibit A – Health Examination Form
                             Exhibit B – Health Examination Form (West Side Quality
                                Preschool Program Standards)
          405.2      Communicable Diseases
          405.3      Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens
          405.4      Injury at Work
          405.4          Exhibit A – Employee Emergency Medical Form
          405.5      Hazardous Chemical Disclosure
          405.6      Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace
          405.7      Drug and Alcohol Testing Program
          405.7R1  Drug and Alcohol Testing Program Regulation
          405.7R2  Drug and Alcohol Testing Program Definitions
          405.7            Exhibit A – Drug and Alcohol Testing Program
                                   Notice to Employees
          405.7            Exhibit B –Drug and Alcohol Testing Program
                                   Acknowledgement Form
          405.7            Exhibit C – Consent for Request of Information
          405.7            Exhibit D – Drug and Alcohol Test Notification Form
          405.7            Exhibit E – Certification of Previous Employers Requiring
                                   a Commercial Driver's License
          405.7            Exhibit F – Drug & Alcohol Reasonable Suspicion
          405.7            Exhibit G – Drug & Alcohol Testing Program Pre-
                                 employment Drug Test Acknowledgment Form
          405.7            Exhibit H – Random Testing of Driver Change List Form
          405.7            Exhibit I – Post-Accident Drug and Alcohol Testing
                                  Instructions to Drivers

406   Employee Ethics and Professional Standards
        406.1      Tutoring and Conducting Personal Business
        406.2      Conflicts of Interest
        406.3      Gifts and Honoraria to District Employees and Their Families
        406.4      Personnel Political Activity
        406.5      Nepotism
        406.6      Reporting Child and Dependent Adult Abuse
        406.6R1  Child Abuse Reporting Regulation
        406.7      Publication or Creation of Materials
        406.8      Computer/Internet Usage
        406.8           Exhibit A – Employee Computer/Internet Form
        406.9      Notification of Arrests, Criminal Charges and of Child and
                          Dependent Adult Abuse Complaints
407   Employee Personal Activities
         407.1      Responsibility for Personal Property
         407.2      Solicitations
         407.3      Desks, Lockers and Storage Areas

408    Other Personnel
          408.1   Substitutes
          408.2   Student Teachers and Interns
          408.3   Volunteers

The Board of directors of the Decorah Community School District reviewed all of the policies in Series 400, Personnel, on the following dates:

            April 14, 2003
            March 10, 2008
            September 16, 2013

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