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203.13 Procedures for Public Comments

Code No. 203.13


The Board encourages public attendance and participation at its public Board meetings.  The Open Forum is the time set aside at a meeting for the Board to hear comments by the public.  The public is asked to recognize that time constraints and procedures are required to assure an orderly process.

The following procedures will be followed for individuals to address the Board of Directors at meetings:

  • Any person wishing to address the Board on a particular subject must sign in prior to the meeting giving his/her name, address, and subject to be discussed.
  • The subject to be discussed in Open Forum is not limited to items or topics on the agenda but is limited to matters within the Board’s authority.
  • Each speaker will generally be allocated three (3) minutes of time.  This limit may be reduced or extended by the presiding officer on a case-by-case basis if the circumstances so require.  Any action by the presiding officer to reduce or extend the time limit shall in no way be precedent setting for future Open Forum sessions.
  • The speaker may submit a written statement to the Board Secretary.
  • The total period of time allotted for the Open Forum portion of the meeting shall not exceed thirty (30) minutes, but, that time may be extended by the presiding officer as appropriate.
  • The Board of Directors shall generally not discuss matters which are not posted on the agenda in advance of the meeting.  Accordingly, the Board will generally take a subject raised during the Open Forum portion of the meeting under advisement, unless immediate action is necessary and authorized by law.
  • Statements made during an Open Forum shall not be construed as being the statement or position of the District.  Inflammatory, slanderous or libelous comments made during an Open Forum may be subject to legal action. 
  • Individuals with a specific complaint about a District matter or employee shall follow Board Policy 204.11.

Date of Revision:


December 11, 2017



Legal References:


279.8, Code of Iowa