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203.11 Minutes of Meetings

Code No. 203.11

Minutes of Meetings

Open Meetings

The minutes of open meetings of the Board of Directors shall contain at a minimum the date, time and place of the meeting, the members present, all motions, seconds, the vote on each issue, and information sufficient to indicate the vote of each member present.  The minutes of open meetings will be kept on file as the permanent official records of the District.  The Secretary will act as custodian of the minutes and will make them available to any citizen to examine during the District's regular office hours.  Any citizen may have copies of such minutes made by payment of an amount to be determined by the Board.  Minutes awaiting approval at the next Board meeting will be available for inspection after the Board Secretary transcribes the notes and has made them available to Board members.  The Board Secretary shall furnish a copy of the proceedings of an open meeting within two weeks following the adjournment of the meeting to a newspaper designated by the Board for publishing Board minutes. 

Closed Meetings

Detailed minutes and complete audio recordings will be made of all closed meetings of the Board except those meetings specifically exempted from the Open Meetings Law.  Detailed minutes shall contain at a minimum, the date, time and place of the meeting, the members present, the reason for holding the closed meeting, the vote of each member on holding the closed session, a summary of the discussions and conclusions from the session, and the time when the closed session concluded.  The Board Secretary will be custodian of the detailed minutes and tapes which will be maintained in a securely locked depository, separate from the regular Board minutes, for a period of one year after which they will immediately and routinely be destroyed (audio recording will be erased).  Access to these documents will be available only to Board members, appropriate designated administrative personnel and/or upon judicial order.

Detailed minutes and audio recordings of closed sessions held under the purchase or sale of real estate exception to open meetings, shall be made available for public examination when the transaction discussed is completed.  There shall be separate detailed minutes and audio recording for each real estate transaction.

Exempt Meetings

No minutes need be taken or retained for any meetings exempt from the Iowa Open Meetings Law.

Date of Revision:

  October 10, 2011                    



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Date of Review:  December 11, 2017