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203.05 Work Sessions


Code No. 203.5


Work Sessions

A work session is an informal meeting of the Board where facts are gathered and in-depth discussion is held, but where no final action is taken.  The public shall have a right to be present unless a topic may be discussed in closed session, but the public shall not have a right to address the Board during a work session.

A work session may be called by a majority of the Board members, by the Board President, or by the Board Secretary upon the written request of a majority of the Board.  If a work session is called, public notice shall be given of the date, time, and place of the work session and of the tentative topics of discussion.  Minutes will be kept showing the date, time, and place of the work session, Board members present, and the items discussed.

Date of Revision:

February 9, 2004                      




Legal References:


21.4, 279.2, Code of Iowa