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101.R1 District Goals


The goals of the Decorah Community School District are to:

  1. Assure that every student has access to curriculum, instruction and assessment systems that reflect the district's mission and beliefs and that prepare students for life in the twenty-first century.
  2. Design and implement a technology program that will benefit the learner, school employees, families and the community.
  3. Secure and manage financial resources to adequately meet student and district needs.
  4. Develop and implement a long-range facility plan, which will accommodate enrollment and enhance present and future educational programs.
  5. Develop an integrated long-range planning process which culminates in improvement plans at all levels of the organization.
  6. Select the best employees and maintain a highly qualified staff through continuous professional development.
  7. Develop and implement a communication plan directed toward all stakeholders which will enhance community support and confidence in our schools.
  8. Build collaborative and innovative partnerships through school, parent and community interactions.


Date of Last Review:  October 14, 2019

Date of Revision: April 9, 2001