708.6 Transportation Drivers

Code No. 708.6



School vehicles shall be driven only by persons holding proper driving certificates, licenses and permits from the Iowa Department of Education and the Iowa Department of Transportation.  Drivers must have sufficient physical capability to operate the vehicle effectively and to render assistance to passengers in case of illness or injury and must comply with all drug and alcohol testing procedures. All drivers must have completed safe driving instruction offered by the Department of Education within six months of date of hire and every twenty-four months thereafter.  Drivers are subject to a background check upon hire and again after every five (5) years.  Drivers must be insurable under the District's liability coverage. 


Drivers shall comply with all state driving laws and with rules and regulations of the Department of Education and of the District.  All drivers shall report to the Manager of Transportation or to his/her designee any vehicle which fails to stop for a bus when warning lights are flashing and the stop arm extended.  District officials shall report said violations to law enforcement officials.


Date of Review:  April 9, 2018


Date of Revision:


April  9, 2018



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