804 Usage of Buildings

804.1 No Smoking Policy


Code No. 804.1


No smoking or use of smokeless tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, will be permitted in District buildings, on District grounds (including in private vehicles on school grounds), or in District-owned vehicles at any time.  Nor shall smoking or use of smokeless tobacco products, including or e-cigarettes, be permitted in other locations used for school activities while the school activities are taking place.  Notices to this effect will be displayed in all buildings and vehicles.

It shall be the responsibility of all school personnel and visitors to abide by this policy and to enforce the policy.  If, after being asked to abide by this policy, a visitor fails to comply, the visitor will be asked to leave the property.  District personnel failing to abide by the policy shall be subject to disciplinary actions.


Date of Revision:

August 11, 2014                       




Legal References:


20 U.S.C. 6081, et seq.; Chapter 142D, 279.8, Code     

of Iowa                                                                     






Date of Review:  July 16, 2018

804.2 Vandalism


Code No. 804.2


The Board believes every one should treat District buildings, sites and property with respect for the benefit of the educational program.  Persons found to have destroyed or otherwise damaged District property may be subject to discipline, if the persons are under the jurisdiction of the District, and may also be reported to local law enforcement officials.  Persons who are not under the jurisdiction of the District shall be reported to the local law enforcement officials.  Restitution shall be required of persons damaging or destroying school property.


Date of Revision:

   October 8, 2012                     



Legal References:


279.8, Code of Iowa                                                   







Date of Review:  July 16, 2018

804.3 Warning System and Emergency Plans


Code No. 804.3


The board shall develop a high-quality emergency operations plan for the District and individual school buildings, as required by law.  The board shall review and update the plan on an annual basis.  The plan shall be confidential and shall not be a public record subject to disclosure under Iowa Code Chapter 22.

The District shall maintain a warning system designed to inform students, employees, and visitors in the facilities of an emergency.  This system shall be maintained on a regular basis under the maintenance plan.

Licensed employees shall be responsible for instructing students on the proper techniques to be followed during an emergency.  Fire, tornado, and emergency operation drills will be performed as required by law.  Each classroom and office shall have a plan for helping those in need of assistance to safety during an emergency, including students and employees with disabilities.


Date of Revision:

July 16, 2018




Legal References:


100.31, 279.8, 280.30, Code of Iowa                           






Date of Review:  July 16, 2018

804.4 Bomb Threats


Code No. 804.4


As soon as a bomb threat is reported to the administration, the District facility should be cleared immediately.  A thorough search will be made by the appropriate school district or law enforcement officials.  Employees and students shall remain outside the District facility until it is determined that danger no longer exists.

It shall be the responsibility of the Superintendent to file a report or keep a report of each incident for the District records.

Any person who knowingly and intentionally makes, circulates or reports a false bomb threat shall be subject to disciplinary action and will be reported to local law enforcement.


Date of Revision:

   October 8, 2012                     



Legal References:


279.8, 723.4(5), Code of Iowa                                    






Date of Review:  July 16, 2018

804.5 Surveillance Systems


Code No. 804.5

Surveillance Systems

To the extent permitted by law, the District may utilize camera and other surveillance systems both inside and outside of school buildings to assist in maintaining a safe and secure educational environment, to assist in maintaining discipline, and to assist in protecting the District’s physical assets from theft and vandalism.  Prior to the installation of any surveillance system, approval shall be obtained from the superintendent, including approval of the location of the surveillance system, the persons responsible for monitoring the information captured, and the procedures for maintaining or destroying surveillance data.  No person may monitor any of the information captured without approval of the superintendent.

Surveillance cameras shall not be placed in restrooms or locker rooms or similar areas and to the extent possible shall not be placed so that surveillance is extended to neighbor’s private property.  Surveillance systems may extend to school parking areas that may capture persons in their private vehicles on school property.

Information obtained from surveillance systems may be utilized in student or employee disciplinary hearings or in criminal or civil actions in court, as permitted by law.

Persons should not rely upon the District’s surveillance systems to protect them or their property from criminal activity nor to detect other potentially unlawful actions. 

This policy shall not prevent an educational team from determining to utilize video or audio recording for purposes of educational programming for an individual or group of children.  However, such recording shall protect the privacy of the students.


Date of Review:  July 16, 2018


Date of Revision:

July 16, 2018                           



Legal References:


20 USC §1232g; 21.5, 21.7, 22.1, 22.7, 279.8,  Code of Iowa                                                                         





804.6 Exhibit A Application and Agreement for Use of Unmanned Aircrafts on Decorah Community School District Property





Name of Organization:                                                                                                                         

Address of Organization:                                                                                                                     

Telephone of Organization:                                                                                                                 

Representative/Contact Person:                                                                                                            

Email of Contact Person:                                                                                                                      

Telephone of Contact Person:                                                                                                              

The above-named organization requests to operate an unmanned aircraft on the property of the Decorah Community School District as follows:


Date:                                                                     Time: From              a.m./p.m. to             a.m./p.m.

For the following purpose (be specific):                                                                                    


Type of Unmanned Aircraft:                                                                                                                

The organization desires to use the following District equipment and/or needs the following special accommodations:                                                                                                                              



I/We agree to be bound by the following conditions:

1.      Authorization to operate an unmanned aircraft on District property is contingent upon the activity in no way interfering with the District's educational and activity program. I/We understand that permission to operate an unmanned aircraft on District property lies within the discretion of the Superintendent or designee and that the District reserves the right without penalty to cancel any agreement to allow my/our operation of an unmanned aircraft on District property at any time.

2.      The operation of the unmanned aircraft will not conflict with any state or federal law or regulation applicable to unmanned aircraft, or the policies, rules, and regulations of the District.

3.      I/We will exercise care in the operation of the unmanned aircraft and agree to compensate the District for any damage done to the facilities or property of the District. The individual representative(s) agrees to reimburse the District in the event the organization fails to make reimbursement.

4.      The operation of the unmanned aircraft will be conducted or adequately supervised by at least one adult member of the organization.

5.      The operation of the unmanned aircraft will be confined to the area approved and no District equipment or supplies will be used except as approved in advance.

6.      No District property shall be altered, moved or rearranged without District approval.  All property of the organization must be immediately removed. 

7.      I/We agree to provide the District with proof of liability insurance that specifically includes coverage for aircraft/unmanned aircraft liability for the duration of this agreement with a limit of liability of no less than one million dollars ($1,000,000) per occurrence/claim. I/We agree to provide a certificate of insurance to the District and name the District as an additional insured on this policy.


8.      The District retains the right to remove persons from District property at all times.

9.      The representative and the organization agree to indemnify, save and hold harmless the District, its agents, employees, and officials from any and all claims or damages, including attorney fees and expenses, that may arise by reason of the organization’s operation of an unmanned aircraft on District property or arising from any activity thereon by the organization, its officers, agents or employees. 




_________________________________                      ___________________________________
Representative                                                              Superintendent


Title:  ____________________________

Date:  ____________________________                      Date: _______________________________


Copies to: Organization Representative

                 Superintendent/Building Principal




804.6 Unmanned Aircrafts - Drones


Policy 804.6



The following policy applies to the extent not preempted by federal or state regulatory jurisdiction regarding unmanned aircrafts.  For the purposes of this policy, the term “unmanned aircraft” means an aircraft that is operated without the possibility of direct human intervention from within or on the aircraft. 


The Decorah Community Schools believes in maintaining the safety, security and privacy of students, employees and visitors.  In keeping with this belief, the use or possession of unmanned aircrafts is prohibited on district property or in the space above the property that reasonably can be considered part of district property. 


The superintendent may make and exception to this policy in specific cases where the circumstances warrant such exception.  In such situations and prior to approval, unmanned aircraft operators shall:


  • Supply proof of insurance meeting liability limits established by the district;
  • Present appropriate registration and authorization issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA);
  • Sign an agreement holding the district harmless from any claims of harm to individuals or damage to property; and
  • Meet additional requirements as determined appropriate by the district. 


If the unmanned aircrafts are operated as part of the district curriculum, prior to adoption into the curriculum, district employees shall work with district administration to ensure the appropriate insurance, registration and authorizations are in place. 


Unmanned aircrafts shall be operated in accordance with Iowa High School Athletic Association and Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union Policy. 


Failure to abide by this policy may result in local, state and federal penalties if applicable. 



Date of Review:  July 16, 2018


Date of Adoption:

November 13, 2017



Legal References:


FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, P.L. 112-95, Title III, Subtitle B.  Model Aircraft Operating Standards, FFA AC No. 91-57A (Sept. 2, 2015). 

OFFICE OF CHIEF COUNSEL, FED. AVIATION ADMIN., State and Local Regulation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Fact Sheet (Dec. 17, 2015). 

Iowa Code 279.8., IHSAA Drone Policy